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Steam Accumulators


Steam accumulators are used for storing steam. The primary uses are for flattening out the pressure swings on boilers in a non-steady state type of operation or for use when a steam demand requires a large amount of steam for a relatively short period of time with a long time of no demand in between the demand cycles. Smaller and more economical boiler systems utilizing an accumulator can be installed instead of installing an oversized boiler and subjecting it to significant load swings. These swings will significantly reduce the service life of a boiler and are a very uneconomical way of operating a plant.




Wet steam accumualtors may be selected on-line. We are currently working to develop this software to the same level as our economizer software. The information listed below is required and must be filled out completely. You will not see a proposal on your screen (yet) but at this time you will receive an estimated footprint and conceptual price. The information entered is forwarded to us for review, we will be able to provide a better estimate.

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Maximum Boiler Operating Pressure for Recharging Accumulator: (psig)


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